ZhongShan JuMei Lighting Co., Ltd

ZhongShan JuMei Lighting Co., Ltd is a very powerful and well-known lighting brand who focuses on the researching & producing of the modern LED lighting fixtures all over the world. JuMei Lighting positions on the art of Nordic minimalism to Jane pure and natural, and insists on high quality products as the main body, and life attitude of the light and decoration elite intellectual beauty theory. JuMei operates in more than 130 countries and regions throughout the world, and the multinational R&D design offices were founded in Italy, Spain and France.

Maglung brand (one brand of JuMei) is with "original, pure, minimalist, and rational" brand characteristics, adhering to the European design concept of high comfort & low energy consumption. From design, picking style to the finished product, Maglung combines science and art lighting perfectly, makes Nordic minimalism LED modern lighting fixture to the extreme. And the product line covers pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, mirror light, table lamp and floor lamp, etc. Now JuMei owns more than 220 patents of the products and JuMei lighting has obtained CE certificate, ETL certificate and China 3C certificate and so on. JuMei Lighting won the German IF home fashion award, and in 2016, JuMei got the title of high technology enterprise, and honored title as leading brand of the modern lamp in 2017. 

Brand Features

  • Light Love

    light loves life, light loves health, Concentrating on energy saving and environmental protection green light source, adopting zero-pollution German industry 4.0 manufacturing techniques, increasing the life circle of the traditional incandescent lighting source by 50 times, Maglung only specializes on the most pure environmental decorative lighting.

  • Be Simplest

    to be simplest to be pure, like nature itself, advocating the design concept of natural simplicity, simple and simple modeling, from the nature but surpassing the nature, shaping a sense of design ahead of the product, Maglung only specializes on the simplest personality lighting.

  • Be Art

    Lighting is one of the industrial product, but Maglung insists to make industrial product to be artwork, not only paying attention to the shaping and function, but also emphasizing the culture and connotation, endowing elegant but no vulgar artistic charm, showing chic style and high-grade taste, Maglung only makes the stylish art lighting.

  • Be Scientific

    Inheriting German scientific and rigorous manufacturing process, precision large automatic production equipment, completed 6S quality management system, hundreds of processes are carefully crafted, Maglung only makes the high-quality lighting.

Brand Vision

Maglung is to be one of the most comprehensive & competitive supplier and global top brand of modern LED lighting, and we are committed to promoting the Chinese lighting industry to fully enter the LED era and making the modern minimalism become the lighting mainstream.

Brand Mission

  • 01

    “Mai” means “go into”, Maglung is devoting and making the staff go into their career peak, achieving the workers` brilliant life.

  • 02

    “Ge” means “special”, Maglung is committed to provide end-consumers with the most special modern LED light, and making the end-consumers enjoy the amazing comfortable life.

  • 03

    “Lan” means “blue”, Maglung is committed to create the most competitive” blue ocean platform” for distributors and customers, to achieve the legend of wealth.

Brand Values

Adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation with customers; 

Adhere to the management view of conniving development with talents;

Adhere to the concept of society basing on the interests of consumers;

Adhere to the scientific concept basing on the safe production.

Brand concept

Living like the Nordic: simple, natural, happy, making complex to be simple, turning the exhaustion into enjoyment, make the lighting be the pressure reducer of the urbanite, adhering to the brand philosophy of Scandinavian minimalist LED modern lamp, displaying the delicate, simple, elegant art and brand style, integrating the European leading original design and precision production craft, the design philosophy, pragmatism and Scandinavian minimalist culture, combining the design concept, pragmatism and Nordic minimalism culture together, and endowing the lamp with humanity and life value, so that everyone who loves life can have a unique and tasteful lighting fixtures. 

  • Product Concept

    High-quality, nice refined, zero defects, always excellent product is from the excellent brand. Maglung product is pursuing simplicity and striving for perfection, making the lighting fixtures bear the consumers` personality and life attitude with unique vitality.

  • Operation Philosophy

    Be honest and trustworthy, pragmatic and innovative, benefit sharing and win-win cooperation with customers.

  • Production Philosophy

    High production starting point, strict requirements to details, attention to the quality, keeping safety, speeding up the production, always to be first class, overcoming difficulties, precision working, finishing the production perfectly and on time.

  • For Customer Philosophy

    Focusing on the creating of customer's success, devoting to solve the customer's need, unceasingly surpassing the customer’s expectation, providing the ultra value service for the customer continuously, Maglung is the most sincere partner of the customers.

  • Employment Philosophy

    A person who is with virtue and talent, making an exception for him/her for re-use; 

    A person who is with virtue but without talent, training him/her for re-use.

    A person who is no virtue & no talent, refusing him/her for re-use.

Brand Qualification


Utility Model Patent Certificate

EU CE Certification

US ETL Certification

National Compulsory Product Certification

STU Certification


SGS Verification of emc compliance

Brand Honors

2017 Modern Light Leading Brand

2017 Top Ten Modern Light Brand

2017 Modern Minimalist Brand

2016 Nordic Minimalist Lighting Art Brand

2016 Product Innovation Award

2016 High-Tech Enterprise

2016 German IF Home Fashion Awards

2016 Top Ten Modern Light Brands

2015 Hong Kong Exhibition Favorite Product Award

2014 LED Modern Light Original Brand

2014 LED Modern Light Most Influential Brand