Maglung has been exhibiting in Guangzhou international lighting exhibition for six consecutive years

From June 9th to 12th, the 22nd guangzhou international lighting exhibition (referred to as guangya exhibition) was grandly held in pazhou exhibition center of Guangzhou. As one of the top ten LED modern lighting brand, maglung has been exhibiting in Guangzhou international lighting exhibition for six consecutive years.

Part one: 《Nordic Fantastic Travel》

Throwing out the over elaborate luxurious, returning to the minimalist, being comfortable and natural, now the generous fashion Scandinavian minimalism household style has become the popular trend of nowadays, Maglung has the original, minimalism, and rational design of charm, pure products which including the pendant light, ceiling light, floor lamp, table lamp and mirror lights, etc., each lamp, all flowing of beautiful light much clever and lasting appeal, to create a simple and natural bedroom space for you.

"There is a ray of light in our eyes and a sea in our heart". Followed with Maglung, we will go on a Nordic fantasy tour to experience the "extreme beauty" behind "extreme simplicity".


Aurora, fairy tales, forests, sleds, father Christmas, people unconsciously associate these wonderful and poetic things when it comes to northern Europe.

However, besides the human amorous feelings on this piece of land makes a person enchanted, the minimalism aesthetic on its household design is more being enchanted by the person.

"Minimalism" originated in the surging wave of "industrial design" in the 20th century. It has greatly changed the grandiose and gorgeous appearance of European traditional design. The balance between artistic quality and practical function is stridently pursued, forming a more comfortable, modern and more human experience.

This design style, which brings the beauty of nature and simplicity into full play, is very consistent with the aesthetic taste of young people at home and abroad and gradually forms the lifestyle highly praised by the society at present.

Simple color matching

Big sound, then no voice, too big, then invisible. Color plays to the extreme, then no color (white).

In Nordic home design, to apply boldly the white color reached acme. Large area, the white that pure color piece fills the whole room, the place that looks reach, a kind of low-key halcyon arises spontaneously. At the same time, white symbolizes natural simplicity, simplicity and elegance, and coincides with the young concept of pursuing fashion and quality of life.

Due to the high latitude and cold zone in northern Europe, "polar night" appears frequently. And white can make up the inadequacy on natural day, as a result, the white color be used extensively in home life.

Simple Material

The best designer in the world is nature, and the people of northern Europe who are captivated by nature charm all year around are well aware of this.

As we all know, northern Europe is rich in forest resources. Designers use the wood on the spot, then the material of wood becomes the first choice and the most popular in household design, also wood be the most basic decoration materials.

In addition to the common floor, the use of wood in the design such as wall, desk and chair, window, porch is very common too, and the sort is diversiform (if be like maple, oak, spruce, pine and white birch material pledges).The original color and lustre that preserves lumber to the utmost ground and simple sense, it is to express the favorite that people of boreal Europe stylist to most acme to natural material adequately more.

Aside from the nature of environmental protection, wood is calm and introverted special texture, as well as simple to the best quality, was once praised as "the soul of interior decoration" by the Nordic home design industry.

Simple function

"Good-looking" and "easy to use" can be both at the same time? This seems to be the trickiest question in the field of design, so let's see what the Nordic designers would say.

Throughout the design theory in northern Europe, it is not difficult to find that the design concept of "humanism" is ubiquitous, "abandoning the luxurious design that fascinates people, not pursuing fashion and beauty deliberately, putting the emphasis on comfortable experience in the first place, and extreme pursuing the perfect combination of function and art".

In the past century, the furniture designers in northern Europe have been carrying on for three generations, but the design spirit of "humanism" has never changed. So it seems that behind the extremely simple beauty lies the ultimate pursuit of "never getting tired of its complexity".

Concise space

Square space, reasonable layout, static and dynamic partition...Living in such a clear-cut room is not more or less boring. Compared with the normal spatial distribution in China, the design in northern Europe is much more lively.

Advocate more open daily life, emphasize the connection that builds a space and person, take "maximized fuzzy space" as the purpose, reduce adornment, door use as far as possible, use soft adornment and furniture more will differentiate area, blend the person completely to the environment itself, make every space appears more free, clever.

The most extreme space is the lack of space, because only breaking boundaries, beauty, will happen. It is not only the "beauty of perfection" hidden behind "extreme simplicity" in Nordic household design, but also the ultimate pursuit of beauty in the whole design field.

Part two: The counting one by one of Maglung on the Guangzhou international lighting exhibition

Domestic customers are attracted

The foreign customers are competing to place orders

Delegation of Cloud zhiguang visit the booth.

The Italian designer is making the running commentary.